Book Signing Charley Valera

Book Signing Charley Valera
900 W. Marion Ave Building B
Punta Gorda, FL 33950, US
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Book Signing






About Their War

How it changed their lives forever, and ours.

From small towns across the country, these young men gave up their early years, and some their lives, for the very freedom we take for granted today.


About The Author
Charley Valera

Charley Valera has always had a fascination with WWII and its effects on the soldiers and their families. Charley knew his father was a WWII veteran and, like most of us, he never asked what life was like during the war. Years after Valera's father passed away, taking his stories with him, he was determined to document the lives of other veterans. Within these pages are over two years of interviewing dozens of veterans.

Charley writes articles and blogs for various media on topics from real estate to aviation. A licensed commercial pilot, Realtor, author, public speaker, father of two boys and husband to Cheryl.


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